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If you are thinking of participating in Catalyst please consider our submission to build a better and cheaper global Pet Registry system on Cardano. This proposal not only addresses key flaws with legacy systems but also has massive potential to bring many new people into Cardano.


Problem Statement and Solution

Nothing inspires developers more than successful projects and the development tools needed to build them, especially on new platforms. It's the first wave of successful applications and useful tools that will encourage most developers to build on Cardano.

This proposal delivers both:

  1. A fully functional Pet Registry dApp with massive potential and global reach that will offer real utility to pet owners around the world.
  2. An open source Cardano blockchain API for CFML developers so they can plug and play Cardano blockchain functionality into their websites 

Lets show developers how services can be re-imagined on Cardano and lets put Cardano to use by offering real utility to both developers and users around the world.


Pet Registry dApp - A virtually free, non profit, global pet registry system built on the Cardano blockchain

Why build a Pet Registry solution on Cardano?

  • Better, cheaper, significantly more accessible and successful than existing solutions
  • Massive target audience with a global reach - according to a global study across 22 countries 56% of households have at least one dog or cat [2]
  • Can service anyone around the world instantly, a global multilingual solution
  • Instinctive and simple to use technology
  • Offers high utility to a massive segment of the global population, high probability of being spread by word of mouth
  • Exposes completely new people to blockchain tech and Cardano, shows seasoned users how blockchain can be used for something other than sending money, illustrates how Cardano can impact our lives
  • Inspires devs by demonstrating how everyday systems can be re-imagined and benefit from blockchain tech, we don't have to come up with some crazy innovation when we are surrounded by legacy systems that we can substantially improve


The issue with legacy Pet Registry systems

Microchipped pets have a poor rescue rate, only 38.5% of cats and 52.5% of dogs that are microchipped are successfully reunited with their owners after being lost. Most of the time it is due to incorrect owner information (or no owner information) in microchip registry databases, the number one cause was incorrect or disconnected telephone number. [3]

Microchipping is a great technology but with a > 50% failure rate in reuniting pets with their owners there are serious problems.

To make matters even worse over 40% of pets aren't even microchipped where such services are available, often due to the associated costs. [3]

The Cardano Pet Registry solves the root causes responsible for high failure rates in legacy systems by enabling pet owners to easily and cheaply update registry information even after the pet is lost and without requiring specialized tools and personnel.

This technology is a game changer with respect to servicing areas where microchipping and registry services are unavailable or simply just not used due to high costs. Also as a complementary technology to combat the high failure rates where records are inadequately maintained due to non-compliance because of the specialized equipment, personnel and high fees of legacy systems.


How the Cardano Pet Registry works

Pet owners can register their pets via the Cardano Pet Registry website for the cost of an ADA transaction fee plus a geo-location fee of 20c. Upon registration users will be prompted for any type of contact information they would like to store on the blockchain via a simple web form. After relevant contact information has been saved a unique QR code will be generated representing the pets registration on the blockchain. Pet owners can then print off a free QR code and attach it to their pets collar/tag or alternatively buy a purpose built engraved collar/tag from the website.

Lost pets can then be easily reunited with their owners with a simple scan of the QR code, scanning the code will not only notify the owner of when and where their pet was scanned via geo-location technology but also direct the rescuer to the Cardano Registry website which will extract and render the latest contact information the owner left on the blockchain.

One of the key benefits of using a QR code is that information can be easily and cheaply updated on the blockchain unlimited times without the need to re-create the QR code, even after the pet was lost. On top of that registry information is instantly accessible to anyone with a mobile phone.

Key Benefits:

  • Extremely cheap, the cost of a transaction fee plus 20 cents which funds 40 geo-location requests and your pet is registered on the Cardano blockchain for life
  • Instinctive and simple technology to use that is accessible to anyone with a mobile phone
  • Instantly notifies pet owner when and where the pets QR code was scanned via geo-location technology
  • Rich content and future proof - any type of contact information can be added, even new tech gaining widespread adoption like whatsapp, social media etc
  • Contact information can be updated unlimited times without requiring a new QR code to be generated
  • Never out of date, contact information can be edited at any time, even after pet has gone missing, QR scan will always show the latest information stored on the blockchain
  • Provides registry services where they don't exist or where they are difficult to access or cost prohibitive
  • Completely self administered system that requires no specialized equipment, personnel or government funding
  • A peer to peer solution from rescuer to owner without the need to interface with 3rd party systems
  • Encourages quicker, easier and a more probable pet rescue as owners contact information is instantly accessible to anyone with a mobile phone, no specialized tools or personnel required.
  • Global uniform service, unlike microchipping where varied standards of microchip, reader technology and regional databases hinder it's success - pets lost out of state, on holiday, etc.
  • Registry data is encrypted and only accessible to those scanning the QR code or updating the information via the website


Is there any demand for the Cardano Pet Registry?

To gauge demand for a better Pet Registry solution on Cardano I conducted a survey on reddit. [4][5]

The survey was a great success with over 49 submissions from pet owners within the Cardano reddit commnuity.

Key Findings:

20% of pet owners opted to not register their pets on legacy systems but 100% will register their pets on the Cardano Pet Registry due to accessibility, cost or no invasive procedures.

From the 80% that did registered their pet on a legacy system more than 90% of owners failed to update their contact information after they moved / changed phone number. If these owners lose their pets it is extremely unlikely that legacy systems will be able to reunite owners with their pets. With the Cardano Pet Registry these users can update outdated information even after their pet is lost, it solves this critical flaw and many others.

Survey Results:

  • 80% Have their pet registered/chipped on legacy systems
  • 4% Have their pet chipped but didn't provide phone number/address to registry
  • 69% Have moved or changed their phone number since registering/chipping their pet
  • 63% Haven't updated registry data since moving address/changing number, ie registry data out of date.
  • 100% Would register their pet on the Cardano Pet Registry
  • 98% Would tell their friends that own pets about The Cardano Pet Registry
  • 69% Would consider registering a friends pet on the Cardano Pet Registry


ADAPay API - An open source toolkit for developers to integrate ADA payments on websites

ADAPay API is a Cardano blockchain open source toolkit built for developers that facilitates payments and communication between the Cardano blockchain and any website built in Cold Fusion Markup Language (CFML).

With this open source tool kit developers will be able to rapidly deploy the following functions directly into the backend of their websites:

  • Create a wallet
  • Check wallet balance
  • Build transactions
  • Add metadata to transactions
  • Send transactions
  • Confirm transaction has been sent
  • Retrieve transactions and associated metadata

This open source toolkit will be published on github and support all websites built on Cold Fusion, Lucee and Railo application servers, for more about Cold Fusion please check out reference [1] at the bottom of this page.

The Cardano Pet Registry dApp will use this toolkit for all communication between the website and the Cardano blockchain.



  • ADAPay API - open source API that facilitates communication between CFML websites and the Cardano blockchain
  • A responsive multilingual "Cardano Pet Registry" website for both mobile and desktop users
  • QR code generation, printable versions
  • Integration with google services for accurate geo-location on QR scan
  • Implementation of the sustainability strategy - The Cardano Pet Stake Pool
  • Website and Cardano node Hosting as well as Domain registration until the end of 2021
  • Ongoing operation and maintenance of all systems including full compatibility with blockchain updates until the end of 2021



Hourly rate: $30/hr (modest rate for senior developer of 16+ years commercial experience)

Week = 38 hours, Full Time

Startup / Development costs: $11,330

  • $3,420 - 3 weeks, development of the open source ADAPay API
  • $5,700 - 5 weeks, design and coding of the Cardano Pet Registry responsive multilingual website
  • $500 - website translation in as many languages as possible to cater for a global audience
  • $570 - 0.5 week, deploy server infrastructure and website
  • $1,140 - 1 week, build out sustainability strategy, stake pool website and infrastructure

Annual maintenance costs: $2,400

  • $30 - .io domain registration for 1 year
  • $180 - $15/month for 1 year - Stake Pool Relay hosting
  • $180 - $15/month for 1 year - Stake Pool Block Producer hosting
  • $300 - $25/month for 1 year - Website Hosting
  • $570 - 0.5 week, maintenance of code including full compatibility with versions of Cardano
  • $1,140 - 1 week, maintenance of server infrastructure (website, cardano nodes, etc)

Total Funding: $13,730 or 133,301 ADA @ 10.3c


Proposed Launch:

Within 3 months


Project Sustainability:

In order for this project to be a success it is absolutely essential that annual maintenance costs are secured every year, there are a number of possibilities to achieve this but the cornerstone to the sustainability strategy will be a purpose built 1% Stake Pool with all fees used to fund the project into the future.

With a delegation of ~2m in ADA a purpose built stake pool will generate enough funding in fees alone to meet the annual maintenance costs of the Cardano Pet Registry.

In additional to epoch fees, a 1% pool margin will also be set to fund future enhancements and evolve the project. Due to wide community support for this project and the favourable pool metrics I have high confidence that this pool will acquire a minimum delegation of ~2m to support the project into the future.

Other potential sources of funding include:

  • Sale of optional Cardano QR Code collars
  • Sale of optional QR engraved dog tags, pendants, etc
  • Sale of other related optional products
  • Advertising
  • Re-evaluation of registration fees as a last resort - will always be strictly non-profit



[1] - About Cold Fusion - launched in 1995, is a uniquely placed application server technology that enables extremely rapid development combined with a shallow learning curve. It is very popular among extremely high traffic websites however due to high licensing costs it initially had limited penetration in small business. Fortunately thanks to Lucee, an open source CFML server, this is no longer the case as CFML can now be deployed without any licensing fees, it is seeing greater penetration into small business and as a result is now more popular than ever - quite amazing for a web technology launched a quarter of a century ago.

[2] -

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Requested funds from treasury:

133301 ADA