Published by Adaverse on September 15

After quite a few delays we have finally launched a beta version of the Cardano Pet Registry.

The Cardano Pet Registry was funded by Project Catalyst and helps reunite owners with their lost pets by leveraging the power of Cardano Blockchain Metadata.

Pet data is stored on-chain in either encrypted or publically readable formats. Contact details and other sensitive information is not exported to the blockchain but rather hashed to facilitate proof of ownership in the future.

Users will be given a QR code representing their pets registration on the Cardano blockchain which can then be secured to their pets collar.

Scanning the QR code will geo-locate the pets location and send it to the owners, the rescuer who scans the code will also have to any contact information left by the owner to facilitate the rescue.

You can find out more about the Cardano Pet Registry by looking at the catalyst proposal, or better yet why don't you just visit and try it out.